What is the buzz project?

The Buzz Project brings together refugees, job seekers and vulnerable young people as teachers, learners and partners, to build, install and manage beehives intended to produce honey, royal jelly and beeswax, led by apiary and horticultural expert Ryad Alsous, from Damascus in Syria.

The hives and volunteers are based at Tunnel End, Marsden, on land owned by the River and Canal Trust who have generously provided the land for this innovative project. This means that other volunteers and visitors to the Standedge Tunnels and Visitor Centre will see the partnership in action, helping to promote a more positive perception of refugees, asylum seekers and young people.

Participation in a project like this will also provide them with the training and practice to develop further thereby enabling them to fully integrate into UK society in a healthy, mutually rewarding way. With this context in mind, the project will offer a forum for people to work together, to develop their skills and information, to build useful relationships through networking with other people (including local people) and to share in the success of a useful, interesting and productive initiative.

The aim of the project is to bring together a group of people (hopefully including UK job-seekers) who have a range of professional experience and skills, for example, carpenters, teachers, agricultural workers, beekeeping, foodstuff manufacturers, painters, etc. The sharing of such skills will make everyone a teacher and everyone a learner in the pursuit of the same goals.

Sanctuary Kirklees manages the project and funds have been received from the West Yorkshire Police Commissioner’s Safer Communities Fund and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.